And my 2016 with the media keeps on getting disappointing

I grew up with a strong belief in the media, I saw it as the only way to escape from the real world and look at it in a way different perspective, and at same time while giving a meaning to it. All I wanted at age 14 was to one day become a journalist. I did just that, joining a couple of newspapers and earning my self recognition as a BBC young reporter at age 16. I was so happy that my stories were being published and that someone cared about what I had to say. I hope that with time, things will get better and better, but sadly, the media is getting worse day after day.

I decided to write this post today after watching a 5 minutes video on BBC about a cover up by the Swedish police about assault that happened last summer. The video which in my opinion did nothing but actually blame people and put a cliche on the already tainted migrant crisis, was way out of touch for a journalistic piece, a totally contrary or reporting 101 – get facts, and get them right. Yes, issues need to be brought to light, but helping an already fragile case get even more confusing for the average folks, makes me feel as if the media is right busy trying to find the other Trump, rather than invite people to about why a Trump should not lead our public opinion.


CNN went on top of my list after their report on the pop’s visit to Africa by calling my continent a war thorn place, and also the most dangerous place for a pop to be to, ignoring the fact that this is an all continent and not one country where every tribe is in a war against the other. For this case, I didn’t even bother, well, CNN has been going under for years now, their only target has been t help fuel issues, join in the fun to get some traffic and maybe some advertising money.

My point on the BBC video comes with the fact that, generalisation in the media is becoming an all too common tactic to rage people rather than inform them. Allowing someone to say that if 15 Afghan are accused of assault, that the entire Afghan culture doesn’t condemn it, or that it is  due to their culture that these 15 people are they way the are. I wonder if this will allow me to call every single European a fascist neo-Nazi pig, simply because right-wing activists have been popular lately, should say that it is an European culture to be racist because 20 skin head attacked a migrant simply because of being a migrant, no, I don’t think racism is an European culture, same as I don’t think that the media should be allowed to say that rape and assault against women in public is a northern African culture, or an Arab culture, or any culture for that matter.

I surely condemn any assault, of any kind, with every vein in my body, it is simply wrong and no one deserves to go through this, no one. Blaming an entire people, an entire culture, an entire religion on the wrong doing of a bunch of morons is simply wrong, and it is as bad as the person actually committing these crimes and for the sake of it, instead helping us understand the issues, the media has been doing nothing but actual fuel the facts and get more reporting time, more lines to writes and more comparisons and issues to raise.

I wish the media will soon realise that they are actually causing more harm then reporting. The recent upgrade to the Guinolle calling their “A news with more than 144 characters” is right on spot with the current issue affecting the media. Less then two decades ago it was about getting the facts right, but now it all about being the first to say something, being the first to release something – no matter if the facts are only confirmed by FOX, everyone will jump on the wagon and start reporting, and then hours later, apologise for being wrong about something,… so what happened to the 101 rule, research and facts,… two simple words that seem to be off book for even the best and most reputed media company like the BBC.

I can endlessly talk about this topic, I just wanted to let something off my chest, because after 2015, I thought 2016 will be different, unfortunately is getting even worse. I wonder, what will be trending on twitter in the next two weeks, or what every media will be talking about next, we went from Ukraine to Greece, to the poor refugees bodies floating in waters to all refugees being criminals,… what next? Well, let watch for the next trending word on Twitter.

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