It is just a piece of a hashtag and nothing more, so what’s next? What’s the next hashtag?

Winter is here, and  unlike most of the year, when other get depressed I get creative and also, spend quite a lot of time handing myself around hashtags looking for the one I should retweet and have my 15 seconds of fame. There is a preacher out there reminding us of just how much our lives will be changed, improved and moved by the digital revolution, sadly, the what that revolution brought with as a gift, has turned into a bitter sweet one. Someone might see me as one of those negativists, sadly, I use Facebook and Twitter on a daily basis, for my clients for marketing purposes, and for myself, and like most magazines and TV stations today, what’s not within the 140 characters ain’t news, and therefore ain’t true.

The war for hashtags is getting worse, sometimes people don’t even double check things before they get on either the cheering or blame wagon, after all, there is nothing you need to do, all you have to do is click retweet, quote, and here you go, you’ve done your part, you’re a good person. Unfortunately, behind each hashtag there are way many shades of grey, so many so that sometimes the blowback is catastrophic. This argument can go either way, and yes, I am not concluding that social media doing us no good, simply sharing a point, something that keeps on running through my head especially with the most high impact occurrences, such us the multiple attacks in East and Northern Africa, recent attack in Mali, the Paris attack and so on.

For each one we all turned to the hashtag avenue and shared our sympathy, yes, I get it, we cannot all get out and do something, become foot soldiers, so doing it online seems like the way to go. Just a few years ago, social media campaigns, same as the ones that are now just expressed via hashtags did some good. People shared ideas online, and did actions offline – people didn’t just say #Westandwithyou, or #Violencemustend,  people did care, they went on the street, or gave a hand, did something actual rather than just digital. After each hashtag we get a piece of mind, yes, we’ve done it,… sadly, I start believing that the hashtag revolution is making us worse everyday, it’s the 15 second of fames phenomenon, because as soon as your hashtag is out of the trending zone, so are your issue, your problem and everything that comes with it.

Like for our food and fashion, our action are all now expressed in the “Fast and quick”, fast food, fast fashion, fast news,… magazine browse twitter and Facebook to find the next thing, and ten minutes later you have 15, 30, a 100 articles popping up and  each siting the same source with less or no details, meaning, no one looked beyond twitter before confusing on their report, which ends in so so much misunderstanding, because, in most case, what trends on twitter, end up not being partly true, miss-expressed and in some case totally wrong, and this totally wrong effect has been proven to us lately with the world’s greatest memory, the memory of Donald Trump, the man who quotes the internet of I “think so, or I might” more than even the winning team of FOX News.

Well, I had to take these bla bla  off my chest tonight, so there you have it,… next time before you click on that hashtag and retweet or report it, think again, or at least wait until you see my tweet and then you will whether or  not that is true, besides, hey, I am just a #guy from #africaisacountry who also sometimes like to #Hashitin – enjoy it internet!


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